GE accidentally posts early rendering of new Fort Point headquarters

–Gene J. Puskar / AP

A rendering of General Electric’s new Boston headquarters was released by mistake on its app over the weekend, providing a possible glimpse at GE’s anticipated move to the Seaport.

An image of a gleaming glass high-rise connected to a brick building was posted to the GE Boston app on Friday night before being taken down the next morning, The Boston Globe reports.

GE spokeswoman Sue Bishop said the preliminary rendering was just “one of many options” that GE was considering, the Globe reports.

Last Wednesday, GE senior vice president and general counsel Alex Dimitrief presented to the New England General Counsel Symposium the company’s plans for the 2.5-acre site at Fort Point. He said GE will renovate two currently vacant brick buildings, previously owned by Procter & Gamble, and construct a new building at Necco Court.

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