Cab driver who turned in $187,000 cash rewarded with 7-day cruise

In this photo released July 5, 2016 by the Boston Police Department, stacks of money totaling about $187,000 that were left in a taxi are displayed in Boston. Boston police said cab driver Raymond "Buzzy" MacCausland picked up a rider in Boston on Saturday who left a backpack containing the money in the taxi. After being unable to locate the man, MacCausland drove to police headquarters to turn in the cash. The unidentified rider was reunited with his money, which turned out had been inherited. MacCausland received a $100 reward. (Boston Police Department via AP)

The Boston taxi driver who returned a lost backpack filled with just over $187,000 cash is getting more than just a pat on the back for his good deed — he’s receiving a trip to the Caribbean free of charge, according to The Boston Globe.

Raymond “Buzzy” MacCausland found the backpack stuffed with cash in the backseat of his cab Friday after a passenger left it behind. When he couldn’t find anything along with it to identify its owner, he took the cash to police, who were able to give it back to the passenger.

Initially, MacCausland was rewarded with a $100 tip, but now that his good deed has gone viral, the 72-year-old driver from New Hampshire is getting a more substantial reward: a seven-day, all expenses paid cruise for two.


Royal Caribbean Cruises contacted MacCausland Wednesday to extend him the offer as part of their “Ticket to Adventure” program, which provides free vacations to people caught doing selfless acts, the Globe reported.

While MacCausland’s been busy making TV appearances on CNN and other outlets, he and his longterm girlfriend, Sharon King, hope that the act can help them get through some financial troubles. King’s son, Bill, launched a Go Fund Me campaign with a goal of raising $5,000. By Wednesday evening, the page had garnered $370 in donations.

Read the full Globe story here.

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