Police: Don’t bring your own makeshift toilet to the Jimmy Buffet tailgate

If you’re planning on tailgating at this weekend’s Jimmy Buffet concert, Mansfield police don’t have a problem with you bringing your own booze to the Xfinity Center parking lot, but ask that you don’t bring your own toilet to the venue.

“Although Officer Martell may write like a doctor, we’re far from qualified to discuss the physiology of the digestive system,” police wrote in a Facebook post. “But we do know that after eating questionably-refrigerated meat and sipping a few adult beverages, you’re gonna need to GO.”

Police asked concertgoers to refrain from bringing their own makeshift toilets to the show on Saturday, noting that “health-code-compliant toilets that aren’t attached to the bumper of a pickup truck” will be available in the parking lot.


“We know, we know….no one likes to poo in a Porta-Loo, but think of it as an experience to build character,” police said in a post. “Like showering at camp with a family of spiders.”

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