Police: 19 iPhones stolen in ‘orchestrated fashion’ by group at Natick Apple store

Seven people rushed an Apple store in Natick Wednesday evening and stole 19 iPhones that were on display, according to police.

The group, made up of males and females, were wearing hoodies and hats to hide their identities when they entered the Natick mall and went directly to the Apple store and surrounded the area where the smartphones were on display, police said.

“In orchestrated fashion these individuals cut the security cords and exited the store with 19 phones,” police said. “Apple placed a value on the loss in excess of $13,000.”

Police said the group could not be located despite an “extensive” search and the incident may be connected to a similar organized theft of iPhones in Hingham last month.
Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 508-647-9520.

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