Here’s what Plymouth Rock looks like during a king tide

FROM MERLIN ARCHIVE DO NOT RESEND TO LIBRARY  Plymouth,  MA   11/7/07  Tourists from Kansas City, MO who declined to give their names take a picture of the Plymouth Rock on Wednesday  November  7, 2007.  (Matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff Photo) /   Library Tag 11162007   31plymouth 19arches 26arches
What Plymouth Rock usually looks like. –Matthew J. Lee / The Boston Globe

Sitting underneath its own Pantheon-like canopy, Plymouth Rock usually stays pretty dry. Except during a king tide.

Three days of king tides submerged much New England’s coastline—including the historic piece of granite—earlier this week.

Plymouth Rock at today's King Tide…it is usually high n dry!(I had never seen Plymouth Rock until a few years ago….)

Posted by Malia Griffin on Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Thanks to Monday’s supermoon, the king tides returned to the region, hitting high-water marks by midday on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday while causing mild coastal flooding up the New England coast.

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