Could a Trump administration kill the Green Line extension?

green line
A Green Line train pulled into the Lechmere Station in 2014. –Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe

What will a President Trump mean for the long-awaited Green Line extension into Somerville and Medford?

As political watchers in Washington and beyond try to guess what kind of administration President-elect Donald Trump will run, state transportation officials are also watching how the new administration could affect local funds.

Trump campaigned on a platform that called for heavy infrastructure spending, a sign that could potentially bode well for transportation projects. That appeared to be good news for the embattled Green Line extension that the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is moving forward on — and which is banking on $1 billion from the federal government.


But Trump’s controversial — and sometimes contradictory — statements on the campaign trail could cause some uncertainty.

Somerville and Cambridge, both involved in the Green Line extension, are so-called “sanctuary cities,” which generally do not cooperate with immigration officials to detain undocumented immigrants. A strong critic of undocumented immigrants during his campaign, Trump made headlines promising an end to federal funding to such cities.

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