Police: Turkeys ‘looking for safe haven’ crowd department front door

With the days counting down to Thanksgiving, one local police department is having a little fun at the expense of the birds that typically at the centerpiece of the holiday feast.

Hingham police posted a photo of a group of turkeys “looking for a safe haven” at the front door of the department.

Hingham public information officer Steven Dearth said the turkeys, which congregated by the front door early one morning last week, eventually wandered away.

“Like many areas, we see turkeys around along the side of the road in groups but this was the first time we saw them at our front door,” he wrote in an email.


Hingham police weren’t the only ones to spot the feathered creatures ahead of turkey day. Brian Kelly, a school resource officer for police in Pelham, New Hampshire, also spotted a bunch of turkeys…while delivering turkeys.

Wild turkeys, though native to Massachusetts, disappeared in the state between 1800 and 1851 and had to be reintroduced in the early 1970s, according to the state office of energy and environmental affairs. They’ve since proliferated into suburban areas, including densely populated areas like Brookline and Harvard Square.

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