The Bangor Police Department is dispensing holiday survival tips on Facebook

“A whole lot of holiday induced mayhem is underway, and you are in the middle of it.”

If you’re feeling stressed over the imminent arrival of your in-laws or last-minute holiday shopping, the Bangor Police Department in Maine has a message for you: It’s all going to be ok.

Sergeant Tim Cotton, who runs the department’s popular Facebook page, wrote Tuesday that many people are struggling with the pressure to get everything done perfectly for the holidays.

“Shopping, wrapping, and cooking sometimes lead to arguing, foot stomping, and over drinking,” he said. “It’s a thing. Trust me.”

He suggested two ways to deal with the stress that don’t involve “an order to Amazon for noise canceling headphones” or “pillows that are thick enough to cover your head and eliminate the voices.”

1. Go out for coffee with a friend and don’t sit inside the coffee shop


“My group of chosen fools tend to get into a car, drink coffee and ride around,” the police sergeant said. “We people watch, complain about things and generally use the 20 minutes to fix most world problems. When we get out, things are better. Not for long, but for a few minutes. Try it.”

2. Pick up a greeting card (it can be an ugly one) and write a personal note to a loved one

“It can be friendly, funny, thankful or just a note to ask them how they are doing,” Cotton said. “Sure, you can do this through an email, but let’s be honest, it’s not personal, it takes no thought or consideration, and email sucks. Signing it, ‘Warm Regards’ does not make it better. Seriously, it doesn’t.”

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A whole lot of holiday induced mayhem is underway, and you are in the middle of it.The stress of trying to get…

Posted by Bangor Maine Police Department on Tuesday, December 20, 2016

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