Bystander, police officer save 2 dogs from burning car in Maine

WATERBORO, Maine (AP) — Authorities say a bystander and a police officer saved two dogs from a burning car in Waterboro.

The York County Sheriff’s Office says a passerby saw a car on fire in the parking lot of a grocery store on Wednesday evening. A pair of dogs was trapped inside.

A police officer in the store learned of the fire from the person, who was searching for the car’s owner.

Capt. Dan Bean and bystander contained the fire until firefighters arrived. The duo was able to rescue the dogs, Dyna and Bruno, from the car. The dogs weren’t hurt.


Police didn’t provide the passerby’s name.

Patrick Mazzillo, who owns the animals, says he doesn’t know why his car burst into flames.

The vehicle sustained about $1,000 in damage.