President Trump is about to receive a blizzard of postcards

People filled out postcards to President Donald Trump at the First Parish Church in Watertown. –Suzanne Kreiter / The Boston Globe

In quiet coffee shops, bookstores, and Unitarian Universalist churches, the liberals are gathering, armed with the antiquated tools of an emerging resistance — markers, cards, and postage stamps.

They join up for postcard-writing parties, elaborately illustrating and then sharing their handiwork on social media in preparation for Wednesday, the Ides of March.


A president whose preferred mode of communication is a 140-character tweet is about to receive a deluge of opposition the old-fashioned way — via snail mail. Dubbed the “Ides of Trump,” the movement aims to inundate President Trump with postcards and to set a postal record — 1 million pieces of mail to one person in a single day.

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