Would Trump’s budget blueprint kill the Green Line extension?

Probably not, but public transit advocates expresss concern for future projects

Boston, MA - 10/30/2016 - An MBTA Greene Line train travels along the intersection of Commonwealth Avenue and Harvard Street in the Allston neighborhood of Boston, MA, October 30, 2016. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)
The Green Line extension into Somerville and Medford appears safe, but public transit advocates are concerned that Trump budget plan will make it harder to get funding for future projects. –Keith Bedford / Boston Globe

The Green Line extension into Somerville and Medford appears to be shielded from cuts to transportation programs outlined in President Trump’s proposed budget, federal authorities said Thursday.

Amtrak’s Acela and Northeast Regional trains also appear to be spared, even as Trump’s plan would imperil cross-country train service.

Still, public transit advocates in Boston say they worry about the future, fearing the administration will make it harder to pay for crucial projects.

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