Bangor to debate pot in wake of proposal for city to sell it

(FILES) This file photo taken on April 19, 2016 shows a marijuana plant and its buds at Alternative Solutions, local medical marijuana producer in Washington, DC.
The blue associated with Democrats and the red of Republicans will blend with another color next November 8, 2016 on Election Day: the green of marijuana, as nine states vote on legalizing pot. Voters nationwide decide between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for president, but in those states weed will also be on the ballot. California, Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada will vote on legalizing possession and recreational use of marijuana, as well as regulating its cultivation, production and sale.
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There is a moratorium on marijuana sales in Bangor in wake of Maine residents approving legalization of the drug last year. –Brendan Smialowski / Getty Images

BANGOR, Maine (AP) — Officials in Bangor, Maine, are set to discuss the regulation of marijuana in the wake of the City Council chairman raising the possibility of the city getting into the pot business.

The City Council and staff will discuss marijuana Monday at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall. There is a moratorium on marijuana sales in the city in wake of state residents approving legalization of the drug last year.

City Council Chairman Joe Baldacci said last week the city would have a better chance to gain tax revenue from marijuana if it got into the business of selling it. He says the city could potentially do this by chartering a corporation to sell pot.

It’s not legal to sell pot in Maine yet because officials are still working on creating state regulations.