Read the suicide note Conrad Roy left for Michelle Carter

Attorney Cory Madera and his defendant Michelle Carter in court Monday. Faith Ninivaggi / Pool via The New York Times

Conrad Roy III wrote to Michelle Carter that he loved her in a suicide note that was introduced in Carter’s involuntary manslaughter trial Tuesday. A note to Roy’s father was also introduced into evidence.

“I’ll forever be in your heart and we will meet up someday in Heaven,” he wrote to Carter:

To Michelle

Keep strong in tough times. You taught me how to be strong and carry on. This life has been too challenging and troublesome to me but I’ll forever be in your heart and we will meet up someday in Heaven. Put your best foot forward and your chin held up high. Our songs. Listen to them and remember me. Take anything from my room at my moms/dads to remind you of me. You’ll get there, I’m sorry about everything. I am messed up I guess. I wish I could express my gratitude but I feel brain dead. I love you and greatly appreciate ur effort and kindness towards me. Keep your heart beating, and keep pushing forward. Go on YouTube type in Rocky Balboa quote, and let the light guide you.

I <3 you

Carter, now 20, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter by a juvenile court judge on Friday, June 16.