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Mayor Joe Curtatone thinks Somerville is Boston’s ‘cooler sibling’

Curtatone was joined by Marty Walsh for a video celebrating Somerville's 175th anniversary.


Somerville and Boston are never, ever, ever getting back together, according to Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone.

Curtatone and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh celebrated the 175th anniversary of Somerville seceding from Charlestown in a dorky, light-hearted video that was posted to YouTube on Wednesday. In the clip, Curtatone reflects on some of Somerville and Charlestown’s best moments together – like Paul Revere’s “late-night, moonlit horseback ride” – but confirms that Somerville has officially moved on from the 1842 split. He even refers to Somerville as Charlestown’s “cooler sibling.”

“Some might even say we dropped [Charlestown] like we dropped our ‘r’s,” said Curtatone, whose own accent leaves no room for doubt that he’s from Massachusetts.


Walsh, who reprised his memorable impersonation of Adele’s “Hello” ballad, sounded like he hadn’t quite moved on from the Somerville-Charlestown breakup. The mayor insisted that Boston didn’t need Somerville’s “hip restaurants” or its iconic Fluff Festival, which will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the marshmallow treat this year.

“We’re fine. We’ve moved on,” Walsh said. “But don’t come crying to us when you want some spots on a duck boat in the next Boston championship parade.”

All joking aside, Walsh congratulated Curtatone and the City of Somerville for reaching the “historic milestone.”

“We share a great partnership with the city of Somerville,” Walsh said, “and we look forward to 175 more years of working together.”