This New England restaurant tried to make the world’s longest lobster roll

All it took was 200 pounds of lobster meat and four gallons of mayonnaise.

A restaurant in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, got to work Sunday on a massive New England delicacy, hoping to break the world record for the longest lobster roll.

WMUR reports that the British Beer Company, which has several locations around the region, topped the previous world record of 120 feet, creating a roll that stretched to 159 feet and 6 inches, which will be submitted to the Guinness World Records book.

“To get this length today we had 200 pounds of lobster meat along with about four gallons of mayonnaise, lemon juice, ten pounds of celery,” Executive Chef James Gibney told the station.

About 48 pounds of lobster meat was donated for the event.  


Attendees were able to purchase pieces of the gargantuan roll for $10, with all proceeds going to benefit Hero Pups, a local charity that places service dogs with veterans.

Check out photos from the event below: