Children call on their superhero powers to create fanciful prosthetics

Jewel Lin, a Superhero Cyborgs facilitator, made a Mad Max-inspired forearm for a character named Imperator Furiosa. –Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

SOMERVILLE — The kids knew their mission Sunday morning as they walked through the door.

First, they picked their superhero name. Then, they picked their superhero power.

Eight children born with different limbs — such as a hand not fully formed or legs that had portions missing — learned how to view their differences as superhero upgrades in a one-day design event called Superhero Cyborgs held at Canopy City, a co-working and incubator space in Somerville, and hosted by a Missouri-based nonprofit called Born Just Right and KIDmob, a design firm based in San Francisco. The event was sponsored by Helping Hands Foundation, and the children worked with volunteer designers.