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New Hampshire trooper reels in massive 650-pound tuna during fishing trip

RYE, N.H. (AP) — A New Hampshire state trooper reeled in a big fish — a massive 650-pound tuna.

Nick Cyr says he was reading a book on his boat with two lines out Tuesday in Rye when he got a bite. He tells WBZ-TV he could immediately tell it was a big fish, the biggest he’s reeled in in a decade of tuna fishing.

Cyr says the fish spun the boat in circles and dragged it for about 2 miles. After a 90-minute tug-of-war, Cyr managed to reel in the 9-foot Atlantic bluefin tuna.

This type of tuna can weigh up to 1,499 pounds (680 kilograms), though that’s rare.


He says the big check he received for the tuna will help finance what he calls his low-stress hobby of fishing.