Whale watchers got to see a great white shark munching on a dead whale for brunch

Great white sharks feeding on a dead Minke whale off Provincetown.
Great white sharks feeding on a dead Minke whale off Provincetown. –Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

Passengers hoping to see whales Friday aboard a private whale watch witnessed another event — a great white shark eating a dead minke whale for brunch.

Chad Avellar, owner of SeaSalt Charters, which runs private whale watching and fishing charters out of Provincetown, said he was leading a private whale watch Friday morning when they were notified there was a deceased minke whale being eaten by some great white sharks.

Avellar said he checked with his passengers to see if they would be comfortable seeing the dead whale.

“They were like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah!’” he said.

They found the scene about two miles north of Provincetown’s Race Point around 10 a.m. Avellar said when they first arrived, there were two “good-size” great whites chowing on the whale carcass.


One swam away when they pulled up, but the other stuck around and continued eating.

The owner of the charter company said despite having been on “thousands” of whale watches himself, he’s never seen anything like it.

“Everyone was blown away,” Avellar said. “It’s a once in a lifetime sight.”

He said they stayed for about 15 minutes before moving on with the whale watch.

Update: The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy has also posted photos of the scene.


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