N.H. authorities identify mysterious serial killer

Terry Peder Rasmussen with his daughter in 1969.

For years the serial killer rambled across the country, working as an electrician and handyman and leaving a trail of victims while masking his true identity. He was Bob Evans in the late 1970s when he arrived in New Hampshire, where he killed a woman and three girls — including his own daughter — and dumped them in steel barrels in the woods of Allenstown.

In the 1980s, he claimed to be Gordon Jenson, a widowed father, when he abandoned a 5-year-old girl at a California trailer park after presumably killing her mother. And he was someone else in 2002 when he murdered his new wife and buried her body in the basement.

Now, seven years after the killer died in prison, still using an identity he stole in Texas, New Hampshire authorities announced Friday that they have positively identified the mystery man.