A shark bit a paddle board off a Cape Cod beach, officials say

A Cape Cod beach was closed to swimming for several hours Wednesday morning after a shark bit a paddle board, officials said.

The Cape Cod National Seashore said the incident occurred around 10 a.m. about 30 yards off Marconi Beach in Wellfleet. The beach was reopened for swimming around 2 p.m.

The park service said the person using the board was not bitten. The paddle boarder was in about three feet of water, and officials said seals were seen swimming nearby.

Cleveland Bigelow, of Chatham, told The Cape Cod Times that he didn’t see the shark that left teeth marks gouged into his board. The 69-year-old paddle boarder said he’d been half-kneeling, half-standing when the marine predator took a bite, the force of which knocked him down onto the board.


“It was like being on a motorcycle and getting hit by a truck,” he told the newspaper.

“The encounter occurred during high tide and in calm seas,” the park service wrote on Facebook.

The state Division of Marine Fisheries and the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy are investigating along with the national seashore.

Earlier this week, a shark killed a seal off the Cape’s Nauset Beach in front of beachgoers and with surfers in the water nearby.