Vermont has the most Internet trolls in the U.S., according to Wired

Neighboring New Hampshire has the least, apparently.

In this Thursday Oct. 8, 2015, photo, a sign welcoming visitors in both English and French is seen across the border from Vermont in Cornish, N.H. Students studying French at Plymouth State University are using their language and cultural skills to attract Canadian tourists to New Hampshire’s North Country. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)
A sign welcomes visitors across the border from Vermont to Cornish, New Hampshire. –Jim Cole/AP Photo

Vermont has the most toxic online commenters in the nation, according to an analysis by Wired magazine and online commenting platform Disqus.

Disqus analyzed 92 million comments over the course of 16 months, written by almost 2 million authors on more than 7,000 forums, Wired reported.

The results ranked Vermont as the state with the highest proportion of “crummy comments,” with 12.2 percent of them considered hostile. Neighboring New Hampshire, by contrast, had the least, with only 4.7 percent of nasty comments.

Other New England states landed throughout the middle of the range, with Maine at 5.5 percent, Massachusetts at 6.8 percent, Connecticut at 6.9 percent, and Rhode Island at 8 percent.


Disqus only analyzed comments from sites that use the company’s software, including Infowars, Wirecutter, and The analysis does not include comments from Facebook or Twitter.

Wired‘s report also warned that “the smaller the group, the more influence a few bad apples (or bright pennies) will have.” The relatively small populations of Vermont (the second smallest state by population) and New Hampshire may have contributed to these extreme results.

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