Elementary school students in Lynn told of teacher’s death; homicide probe underway

A police officer secured the crime-scene tape outside of the Grand View Avenue home where the body of 30-year-old Vanessa MacCormack, a Lynn schoolteacher, was found in Revere.

Heartbroken students of Vanessa MacCormack, a second-grade teacher at William P. Connery Elementary School in Lynn who was murdered over the weekend, gathered for an assembly Monday and learned from the principal that the popular instructor had died.

“This morning, Principal Mary Dill notified students of Ms. MacCormack’s sudden death at a school-wide assembly,’’ Lynn Superintendent Catherine C. Latham said Monday in a statement. “Lynn Public Schools social workers and adjustment counselors are at the school to offer counseling. In addition, several other schools voluntarily sent support staff to Connery to provide coverage for any school staff that needed it.’’


She said school officials are continuing “to try to comprehend this seemingly incomprehensible tragedy, while providing as much support as possible to the students and staff at Connery Elementary School.’’