Connecticut lawmakers from opposite sides of the aisle are walking down the aisle

An engaged political couple may have to postpone their honeymoon for the sake of Connecticut residents.

State legislators Art Linares, a 28-year-old Republican senator from Westbrook, and Caroline Simmons, a 31-year-old Democratic representative from Stamford, plan to marry on Saturday, according to the Hartford Courant.

The couple met at the Bipartisan Young Legislators Caucus, which was co-founded by Linares. He proposed to Simmons last December with a surprise full-page ad in the Stamford Advocate that read, “Dear Caroline, Will you marry me? Love, Artie.”

“We have different political views and we don’t agree on everything,” Simmons told The Advocate in December. “But it’s fascinating to have a different perspective, and it helps refine my own views. It’s healthy to be able to debate the issues.”


The Courant reports their impending wedding may impact the timing of a crucial budget vote for the state, which has not had a budget since July 1.

“I think in a perfect scenario, our wedding gift to them would be a bipartisan budget,’’ Democratic House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz told the Courant.

If Connecticut lawmakers do not reach an agreement soon, the couple may have to postpone or cancel their planned two-week honeymoon in South Africa and Seychelles.

After the wedding, Linares and Simmons will continue living in their separate homes about an hour and a half away to serve constituents in their separate districts. Neither party wants to lose the “rising stars,” according to the Courant. But before the next election in 2018, they will decide where to settle down together.

“I’m very pleased that they were able to do this in what otherwise can be a combative place,” Aresimowicz said. “That they were able to find true love [at the Capitol] is pretty cool.’’

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