Maine women wants jury to decide fate of 2 dogs facing euthanasia

WINSLOW, Maine (AP) — A Maine woman says jurors should decide whether her two dogs should receive court-ordered euthanasia for killing a 10-month Boston Terrier.

WABI-TV reports that Danielle Jones of Winslow appeared before Maine’s highest court Friday to ask justices to overturn the euthanasia order.

A judge previously found Jones guilty of two counts of keeping a dangerous dog following the 2016 attack. The judge declined Jones’ request to spare the dogs.

Jones’ lawyer argued Friday the case should have been considering a criminal case, not a civil one. The lawyer said she should have had a jury trial.

Prosecutors said the dangerous dog statute that allows for euthanasia is a civil matter. They said that Jones never asked for a jury trial.


It’s unclear when the high court will issue a ruling.