Boston, meet Giseal Bundchen

Giseal Bundchen.
Giseal Bundchen. –Instagram/National Marine Life Center

Giseal Bundchen is ready for her close-up. 

The rehabilitated harbor seal pup was rescued from a beach in Maine earlier this year and will be released back into the wild on Tuesday, according to a press release from the National Marine Life Center based in Buzzards Bay.

Seal pups can’t survive on their own if separated from their mothers, which can happen because of “well-meaning” human interference, per the nonprofit marine animal hospital and education center. The public is urged to stay at least 150 feet away from beached seals.

When Bundchen was taken in on June 9, she had an ear infection, known as otitis media. A recent CT scan confirmed the infection did not spread to the bone. Now fully healed and able to survive on her own — staff and volunteers at the center work to get pups up to full health, and teach them how to swim and eat fish — she can be released with a satellite tag to track how deeply she dives in the wild.


In the meantime, she’s been doing some light reading and exercising:

She’s also spent the past few months reigniting an old flame:

Sealonardo DiCaprio was also rescued from a Maine beach, on May 25, and will be released into the wild along with Bundchen. (Drama.)

DiCaprio arrived at the National Marine Life Center at 12 pounds, but now weighs more than 50 pounds.

The National Marine Life Center started naming animals after celebrities a few years ago, according to Fundraising & Operations Administrator Casey Shetterly. 

“We have a discovery center here, and the children who come in really like that,” she said.

Shetterly said most animals at the Center get the same name treatment, but “we do not…name the animals until we think they’re out of the danger zone” — the point at which the animals are expected to survive.

Others seals have included Ralph Waldo EmerSeal, Sealbert Einstein, and RoSealind Franklin. The center calls them “sealebrities.”

Bundchen and DiCaprio will be released at Scusset Beach State Reservation in Sandwich on Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. Updates will be posted on the National Marine Life Center’s Facebook and Instagram.


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