Here’s a map of what Boston’s transit system looked like in 1930

OPS  photo by  unknown                         june 4 1947                             charles st.            the elevated coming from boston to the charles st station.
This photo from June 4, 1947 shows a train coming from Boston into Charles Street station. –The Boston Globe, File

Next time you’re complaining about your commute on the T, consider this: Your stop may not have even existed 87 years ago.

Riders heading to or from Charles/MGH certainly would have been out of luck. Boston City Archives released a map Wednesday of what the city’s subway and rapid transit system looked like in 1930, and at first glance, there are many familiar stops: Copley, Harvard, Park Street.

But there are some prominent differences. For instance, the stop for Charles/MGH is missing.

The map also shows the route of the Atlantic Avenue Elevated Railway, which operated between 1901 and 1938. The elevated line that stretched from Everett to Forest Hills, part of which included the elevated Orange Line that ran until 1987, is also featured.


Check out the full map below:

Here’s what Boston public transit used to look like:


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