Aggressive coyotes make a return to Rhode Island

Neighborhoods in Mattapan, Belmont, and Quincy all spotted coyotes in 2012. The wild animals seemed comfortable roaming the residential areas, and not all agree that a coyote is a ‘big bad wolf.’Pictured: In March, Mildred Middle School in Mattapan went on lockdown as Boston Police searched for a coyote. After an hour, the coyote was cornered and contained.
–David L. Ryan/Globe staff

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. (AP) — Coyotes have made a return to Rhode Island, and experts say easy food access is to blame.

WPRI-TV reports The Conservation Agency has mapped the coyotes in a residential area of Aquidneck Island. In one case, a coyote was reported to have attacked a dog in its yard.

Coyote expert Numi Mitchell says efforts to remove the coyotes will be pointless unless the food sources are taken care of. Mitchell recommends people not to leave garbage, fruit or pet feeding outside.

She says she will host a community forum on coyotes Nov. 1. A location and time has yet to be determined.



Information from: WPRI-TV,


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