In Enfield, Conn., a bid for Amazon tinged with irony

The Enfield Square Mall has lost its anchor stores and many smaller shops. Could it be the new Amazon headquarters? –Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff

ENFIELD, Conn. — It may have been Amazon deadline day for city planners all over America, but at the far end of the fading Enfield Square Mall, near the blank space where Macy’s used to be, it was just another quiet Thursday afternoon in the Hair in the Square salon.

With no customers at the moment, Cindy Graham, a 54-year-old stylist and entrepreneur with a purple streak in her hair, and her drowsy English bulldog, Phoebe, shared a chair and streamed a movie — “The Beguiled,’’ a Civil War drama of love and betrayal.

The mall lost its Sears recently, too, and JC Penney is long gone. The loss of the anchor stores spurred a cascade of smaller store closings. It’s a scene repeating itself in dying suburban malls around the country, a sweeping economic disruption known as the Amazon effect.

Enfield is promoting this sleepy suburban mall, decimated by online shopping, as the centerpiece of its long-shot bid for Amazon’s new headquarters. —Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff
“If Amazon is looking at Boston and New York, with us they can have both,’’ said Mike Ciriello, Enfield’s director of development services. —Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff

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