Gloucester elementary school receives backlash for Halloween game with ‘Don Trump’ tombstone

A game at a Gloucester elementary school’s Halloween party featured a tombstone labeled “Don Trump,” leading local officials, including the mayor, to speak out against the display, according to the Gloucester Times.

“This is not what we teach our children,” Gloucester Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken told the newspaper. “I don’t care what your views are, what your political stand is, we do not bring it to the children. That’s not something we have ever done — or will do.”

The West Parish Elementary School party on Friday evening was hosted by the school’s Grade 5 Parent Committee, and a parent brought in the game, according to a letter from principal Telena Imel to the school community.


“While, according to the parent, this was designed to be humorous, a number of attendees rightfully felt that it showed disrespect,” she wrote. “And, intentionally or not, it inappropriately brought a political agenda into what was designed to be a fun family affair.”

Other tombstones in the game featured joke names like “Ben Ded” and “Seymour Butts.”

Amanda Orlando Kesterson, who serves on the Republican state committee, also criticized the game in a Saturday Facebook post.

On Sunday, Romeo Thekan posted an apology letter from the parents on Facebook.

Read Imel’s full letter to the school community below:


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