Scott Brown’s pay is $155,000 per year. The benefits are priceless

Scott Brown shared a traditional Maori greeting with Maori elder Mike Paki. –Jeremy Lurgio

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — “Oh ho ko mo no,’’ Scott Brown says, sitting on a gray couch in his office.

His teacher looks on approvingly. Brown speeds up, enunciating carefully.

“U hu ku mu nu pu ru tu wu ngu whu,’’ he says, completing a monotone rendition of the alphabet song in Te Reo Maori, the native language of New Zealand.

Brown at an impromptu ribbon-cutting at Paper Plus in Marton. —Jeremy Lurgio
Brown has band memorabilia in the ambassador’s residence. —Marty Melville/Associated Press
Brown relaxed at the house of Rangitikei Mayor Andy Watson on Nov. 7. After a busy day of meetings near Palmerston, Brown had dinner with the mayor and his wife before going to speak at the Rangitikei College awards ceremony. —Jeremy Lurgio for The Boston Globe
Brown toured Anzco Foods’ lamb and sheep processing facility. —Jeremy Lurgio

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