Sudbury police are reminding residents to transport Christmas trees ‘responsibly’ after this traffic stop

If you’re planning on picking up a Christmas tree for your holiday celebrations, the Sudbury Police Department has a request: do so responsibly.

Sudbury police shared a photo on the department’s Facebook page Friday of a blue vehicle largely hidden under what appears to be at least one gigantic conifer, if not more. Police said the car was stopped that day by an officer on Route 20.

“Sudbury PD would like to remind you to transport your Holiday trees responsibly,” the department wrote in the caption.

Police Chief Scott Nix told Tuesday there was just a single tree on the small sedan.


He said the family inside the car was given a warning in “the spirit of the holidays” and that the officer at the scene helped secure the tree in a safer way and marked it with caution tape.

Nix said the department shared the photo to remind the public to move all items responsibly on their vehicles — including Christmas trees.


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