Attleboro police help round up escaped alpacas

Alpacas On The Loose
Attleboro Police Officer Laura Sylvester wrangles an alpaca into a fenced in back yard on Tuesday. —Mark Stockwell/The Sun Chronicle via AP

Nine alpacas returned home safely after leading owners and police on a chase in Attleboro on Tuesday, according to The Sun Chronicle.

The herd belongs to Happy Snowman Alpaca Farm on Slater Street, owned by Janice and David Ciszkowski, the newspaper reported.

David Ciszkowski told the Sun Chronicle he had left a gate cracked open after moving the farm’s dozen alpacas to a front pen so he could work on his back deck.

“I was trying to get them out of the way, but I guess I got them out of the way too far,” he said.

Attleboro police, animal control officers, and neighbors all pitched in to help corner the animals as they wandered around nearby streets.


“I was worried about them getting hit in the road,” Janice Ciszkowski told WHDH. “But the couple of times they did cross the road, the traffic stopped, so I’m very thankful for that.”


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