The king tides are back, and they’re causing some flooding in Boston and across New England

Boston, MA - 11/15/16 -  Mark Novak (cq) photographs the encroaching water during a King Tide at the end of Long Wharf.  (Lane Turner/Globe Staff) Reporter:  (in caps)  Topic: ()
Mark Novak photographs the encroaching water during a king tide last year at the end of Long Wharf in Boston. –Lane Turner / The Boston Globe

It’s that time of the year again. Sure, the holiday season has returned, but so have — this week, at least — the king tides.

The astronomically caused ultra-high tides peaked in Boston just before noon Tuesday, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Reaching more than two feet higher than average daily high tides, the seasonal occurrence produced minor flooding in low-lying areas along the East Coast.

As in years past, Boston’s Long Wharf was among the areas particularly affected.

As several observers noted on social media, such super-high tides may be fun for the moment — but not so much when they become an everyday reality due to projected sea level rise.


Minor flooding due to the king tides Tuesday could be seen up the coasts of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.