Heather Unruh says she has received ‘tremendous support’ on Megyn Kelly Today

The conversation followed Time magazine naming the Silence Breakers the magazine’s Person of the Year.

Former Boston news anchor Heather Unruh spoke Wednesday on Megyn Kelly Today about how her family’s life has changed since her son came forward with allegations of sexual assault against actor Kevin Spacey.

Unruh’s comments came during a conversation with other women who have been affected by or spoken out against sexual misconduct, just hours after Time named the Silence Breakers the magazine’s Person of the Year.

On Wednesday’s segment, Kelly asked Unruh, “Your son has chosen not to come out publicly himself but has given you permission to tell his story; how has your life and his life changed since you did that, about Kevin Spacey?”


“I think at this point we’re feeling tremendous support and confidence that we’re doing the right thing,” Unruh responded. “And people are coming out of the woodwork to say, ‘You’re speaking up for so many’; ‘You gave me the confidence to say something.’ And everyone is cheering and saying, ‘Keep talking.’”

Unruh’s son alleges Spacey sexually assaulted him in 2016, when he was 18 years old and working as a busboy at the Nantucket restaurant The Club Car.

Unruh also told Kelly that while many have been supportive after she shared her son’s story last month, not everyone has been kind.

“There have been some trolls, definitely, and we’ve taken a little bit of a beating,” the former WCVB anchor said. “But overwhelmingly now, the sheer numbers of people who are coming out supporting us is just tremendous.”

The panel that appeared on Kelly’s show included Tarana Burke, who founded the Me Too movement, as well as actress Alyssa Milano and former Fox News anchor Juliet Huddy.

“So honored to be part of this amazing discussion!” Unruh tweeted following the segment.

Kelly, Burke, and Milano are among the women included in Time’s Silence Breakers cover story.


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