Chelsea police return with Christmas gift for terminally ill boy

Chelsea, Ma., 11/13/17, Sandra Cordero and her two year old son, Edison. She went  to the Chelsea Police Department on Sunday and asked if a cop would grant her sick son's wish to meet a cop. The boy has cancer. The entire day-shift  showed up at Edison Cordero's house with gifts. She is holding the youngest of her three children, Aliah. 
Globe staff/Suzanne Kreiter
–Suzanne Kreiter / The Boston Globe

CHELSEA, Mass. (AP) — Police in a Massachusetts city have returned to visit a terminally ill boy with a special Christmas gift.

The Boston Globe reports police cruisers again filled 2-year-old Edison Cordero’s street in Chelsea on Wednesday. The officers brought a 9-foot Christmas tree, a child-sized police uniform and an electronic police car large enough for Edison to ride in.

Chelsea Police named the car an honorary unit in the city fleet and Edison an honorary police officer.

The Boston Police Department also donated $5,000 for the Corderos for the holidays.

Chelsea Police first visited Edison in November, after his mother asked if just one officer could stop by their home. The entire day shift showed up instead, bringing gifts for the boy who was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Chelsea Police officer Sammy Monica gets a high five from Edison Cordero after helping to deliver presents for Edison and his family to Edison’s home in Chelsea. 


Information from: The Boston Globe,


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