A Weymouth man has raised thousands to pay off school lunch debts

The campaign has already raised more than double its goal.

A Weymouth man has launched a GoFundMe campaign to help pay off student lunch debts in his hometown.

Dennis Brooks usually donates presents to a local teen center during the holidays, but he decided to raise money for Weymouth students with overdue lunch accounts after seeing a Facebook post, according to the campaign page.

“You know, it’s tough asking people during the holidays because everyone has money problems,” Brooks told Boston 25 News. “Christmas and the holidays are so expensive, but for everyone to pull through like this makes you just sit there and think that’s awesome.”

The Weymouth school district says the money raised will cover nearly 1,000 students with negative school lunch balances, according to the station.


Brooks plans to keep the GoFundMe campaign open for the next several days before delivering the check to the district next week. As of Friday morning, the campaign has raised $4,165 since it launched on Dec. 8, more than double its $2,000 goal.


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