A Massachusetts man profanely defaced his own barn to get back at a neighboring pizza shop

"If they raise the fence, I'll take douchebag off the house, but otherwise, I'm probably gonna add more."

Sal's Pizza in Billerica recently reopened.
Sal's Pizza in Billerica recently reopened. –Sal's Pizza via Facebook

Billerica resident Arthur Lynch is taking an unconventional — and mildly profane — approach to a fence dispute with a neighboring pizza shop.

The Lowell Sun reported Friday that Lynch, who lives next to the recently reopened Sal’s Pizza on Boston Road, was upset by the restaurant’s decision to build a dividing fence two feet lower than his liking.

According to the Sun, Sal’s Pizza had agreed to build an eight-foot fence dividing the two properties, but Lynch subsequently “had a fit” when workers were installing the eight-foot fence and threw them of his property. As a result, the pizza chain proceeded with a six-foot fence, a height that was still within the conditions of the city-approved permit for the location’s rebuild.


But the height was not Lynch-approved.

Enraged that Sal’s customers have a view of his property over the fence, Lynch, 66, wrote the word “douchebag” in black spray paint on the side of his barn facing the restaurant.

Billerica officials, residents, and Sal’s Pizza are reportedly unhappy with the term being so prominently displayed on a main drag. However, First Amendment experts say Lynch is within his rights, even if some people are offended. And Lynch is suggesting there could be more to come.

“If they raise the fence, I’ll take douchebag off the house, but otherwise, I’m probably gonna add more,” he told the Sun.


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