Maine dog missing for 5 days found alive, buried in snow

BRYANT POND, Maine (AP) — A Labrador retriever has survived being buried alive in the snow for five days.

The family of 13-year-old Sophie said the dog went missing on Jan. 4, and they were unable to find her despite pleas made on social media.

Albert Silver tells WCSH-TV that he and his family searched everywhere.

Sophie was found five days later, on Tuesday, when someone saw her head poking through the snow on a nearby property that’d already been searched. A tractor created a path to her.

Silver said that it was a “miracle” that Sophie was found in good shape after so many nights in the bitter cold. The vet said that other than losing 5 pounds, the dog was in good shape. There was no frostbite or serious injuries.



Information from: WCSH-TV,


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