White separatist town manager in Maine expects to be fired, but won’t quit

JACKMAN, Maine (AP) — A Maine town who espouses white segregationist views says he has no intention to quit his job even though he expects to be fired.

Jackman town manager Tom Kawczynski (kuh-ZIN-skee) recently made public comments bashing Islam and calling for preservation of white European heritage in northern New England. He tells the Portland Press Herald he feels his days are numbered after backlash against his pro-white advocacy.

The Jackman-Moose River Chamber of Commerce president says businesses in the area “do not condone” Kawczynski’s views. The Press Herald said one Jackman government official declined comment. The other three haven’t returned messages. Kawczynski and Jackman town officials did not return phone calls from The Associated Press.


Many social media users are calling for Kawczynski to quit or be fired.


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