Driver follows GPS, plunges SUV into Lake Champlain

Icy-cold winds whip across Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont, on Friday.
Lake Champlain. –Sarah Priestap / The Washington Post, File

BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) — Divers have removed an SUV that sank to the bottom of Lake Champlain more than a week after a motorist drove onto the frozen lake while following GPS.

Tara Guertin tells WCAX-TV some of her friends borrowed her Jeep to take a trip from Connecticut to Vermont for a ski vacation. Guertin says the group started following a GPS device when they got lost and ended up driving on top of the icy lake.

Guertin’s buddies were able to safely escape the sinking Jeep. However, hoisting the SUV out of the lake proved to be more difficult on Monday.


Guertin contacted Donley’s Underwater Salvage who used diver Pierre Larocque. Larocque says he rolled the vehicle onto its wheels before his team pulled the car out of the frozen lake.


Information from: WCAX-TV,