2,000 people gather at UMass Amherst following Patriots’ loss

umass amherst
–Photo courtesy of Caroline O’Connor/The Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Six people were arrested and 12 were transported to hospitals as approximately 2,000 people gathered in a large, chaotic group on the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus Sunday night after the Patriots’ 41-33 Super Bowl loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, according to a university spokesperson.

The gathering was so large, officers used pepper spray to disperse the crowd and State Police troopers in riot gear were called in to help, officials said.

The crowd control measures came after campus police reported that fights had broken out in the Southwest residential area after the game ended, and that people had set off firecrackers and smoke bombs and were throwing objects, according to a UMass statement.

A person climbed a pole at UMass Amherst. —Photo courtesy of Caroline O’Connor/The Massachusetts Daily Collegian

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