Boston skyline to be lit up in blue for children’s hospital

More than 35 buildings and structures will be illuminated by the hospital's signature color.

The Zakim Bridge won't be the only Boston landmark lit up in blue Thursday. Robert Sanson

BOSTON (AP) — Boston’s skyline is being illuminated in blue to support a local children’s hospital.

City Hall, the Zakim Bridge, the Prudential Tower, the TD Garden and dozens of other city landmarks are turning on blue lights on Thursday to show support for Boston’s Children’s Hospital.

More than 35 skyscrapers and structures will light up in the hospital’s signature color when a patient flips a switch at sunset.

Candles will also be placed in the window of every patient at the hospital.

The hospital says the lighting and a related fundraising campaign are meant to provide young patients with “hope and light” during the dark days of winter.


Boston Children’s Hospital was founded in 1869 and is one of the nation’s leading institutions for pediatric treatment and research.