Mainers are cutting a 430-foot-across circle in a frozen lake to make a giant ‘ice carousel’

SINCLAIR, Maine (AP) — Folks in Maine’s St. John Valley are going for a world record for the largest ice carousel.

Mike Cyr tells WLBZ-TV that the idea is that you cut a giant circle on a frozen lake, then make it rotate to produce a carousel. People hold a cookout on rotating carousel.

This year, they’re making one that’s 430 feet across.

Residents in Sinclair used augurs to bore more than 1,000 holes, along with chain saws and other equipment, to cut the massive hole in lake ice that’s 31 inches thick. Cyr estimates the circular chunk of ice weighs upward of 11 tons.


The goal is to set a new world record. Organizers of the effort in Maine say Finland is the current record holder for largest ice carousel.


Information from: WLBZ-TV,


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