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Police: Someone stole a street sweeper and drove it on I-93

State and local police are investigating after a street sweeper was stolen on Sunday and driven on Interstate 93.

Quincy police reported shortly before noon Sunday that a commercial street sweeper had been stolen and was being driven north on the expressway, state police said in a statement. Troopers in Medford began looking out for the purloined vehicle on and around the interstate north of Boston.

State police said “a short time later” the privately owned street cleaner was driven at a trooper’s cruiser on Elm Street in Medford, near the Flynn Rink, forcing the officer to swerve out of its way. The stolen vehicle was seen thereafter getting back onto I-93, heading south, and was later found at 12:11 p.m. unoccupied on Exchange Street in Medford.


State police said they were unable to locate the suspect and are continuing to investigate.