Lynn woman in need of kidney transplant puts up billboard

The billboard reads 'Young mother needs a kidney blood type O.'

LYNN, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts woman who needs a new kidney has put up a billboard in search of a donor.

“Young mother needs a kidney blood type O,” reads the billboard put up by Miranda LeBrasseur.

The 42-year-old Lynn woman has been diabetic since she was 17 and suffers from a genetic kidney disease. The Daily Item reports that she put up the billboard after a January fundraiser because she is on a five- to six-year wait list for a new kidney. LeBrasseur says she has been on the transplant list since June 2016.

The mother of two says she spends three days a week undergoing hemodialysis.


The billboard will be up only until April 28, but LeBrasseur says her website and fundraising won’t stop until she finds a match.



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