Here’s how Keytar Bear broke his foot

Boston's famed, furry street musician recently shared the story behind his injury.

Keytar Bear pictured last November.
Keytar Bear pictured in 2016. –We Love Keytar Bear via Facebook

Boston’s favorite furry street performer is headed into hibernation for the summer.

No, he didn’t get his seasonal slumber patterns confused; the musical hiatus is due to an injury. Keytar Bear broke his foot.

The Boston Globe reported that the bruin busker was forced to back out of a function Tuesday night.

The good news is that the injury this time wasn’t the result of rude pedestrians or drunken teenage New Hampshirites, as the anonymous musician told Boston magazine in an interview Tuesday. The bad news is that it was the result of a motorcycle accident.

“Usually, when it’s nice out, I’ll go into Boston disguised as a black guy on a motorcycle,” Keytar Bear told the magazine.


The accident actually happened a few weeks back, on April 26, he said, when he was riding his motorcycle on Route 146 and hit a patch of sand while rounding a turn.

“The bike went under me, and my leg was under me,” he said.

The accident reportedly resulted in a broken ankle and foot, as well injuries to his kneecap, right shoulder, and three broken fingers on his right hand, his playing hand no less. Unfortunately, Keytar Bear says that means he won’t be playing for a while. And while he does have health insurance (apparently not even bears are exempt from Massachusetts’ individual mandate), he says the accident should be a warning to fellow human motorcyclists.

“There is still sand on the ground,” he told Boston magazine. “Be careful on those turns.”


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