Watch: Jack Williams reunites with one of the first kids adopted through Wednesday’s Child

“I am so proud of you.”

These days, Al Spittler runs a daycare with his wife at his church in Milford. But when he met WBZ anchor Jack Williams 37 years ago, the young 12-year-old and his brother, Ray, were bouncing from foster home-to-foster home.

“I’m so proud of you,” Williams told the married father of two when they met again recently. The reunion was broadcast on WBZ on Wednesday. 

Spittler and his brother were some of the first children profiled by Williams on Wednesday’s Child, the weekly program started by the anchor in 1981 to feature kids who are waiting to be adopted.

“I hope we get a family together. It would make us both very happy,” Spittler told Williams 37 years ago.


The two brothers were not adopted into the same home, Williams said. But when Spittler and Williams met recently in Milford, he told the retired anchor that Wednesday’s Child gave him and his brother the “opportunity to get that permanent home we needed.”

“We’re glad that there’s so many other kids that benefited from it as well,” Spittler told Williams.


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