Watch: New York Times ‘op-doc’ chronicles New Hampshire man’s struggle with opioid addiction

“I know that I’m not going to ever stop until I want to.”

A documentary published in the opinion section of The New York Times on Tuesday captures one New Hampshire man’s devastating struggle with opioid addiction.

John Bixby, 29, is the main character of “The Pull” by Paul Szynol. The film, which is just over 16 minutes long, follows the husband and father of two who speaks candidly of his struggle to stay clean.

“I know that I’m not going to ever stop until I want to,” he says.

Szynol says the point of the film is to “restore three-dimensionality and incarnate the individual.”

“Those ugly moments — moments of heartache, despondency, wretchedness — are not only symbolic of addiction in general, but also defining parts of John’s story,” he wrote in the Times. “Through them, and through his poetry, John recaptures the narrative about his own suffering, and allows us to respond in the way that systemic criminalization of addiction doesn’t: with empathy and understanding.”


Watch the film below: