A painter working on the Longfellow Bridge project shared this photo of the Boston skyline

"I consider it a perk of the job."

Boston skyline from Longfellow bridge
–Courtesy of Bryan Fisher

For Bryan Fisher, the view at work has been pretty unbeatable lately.

The 33-year-old bridge painter from Hudson, New Hampshire, has been working on the Longfellow Bridge renovation project, a $300 million project that has lasted five years. The bridge recently reopened to car, bike, and pedestrian traffic, but finishing touches are still being put in place.

“My job has taken me to quite a lot of great places, inaccessible to the public,” Fisher told Boston.com in an email. “In that, it often blesses me with once in a lifetime visuals, scenery and angles. It can be both exciting and gratifying, and I consider it a perk of the job.”


Fisher said while at work, if he finds himself in a spot with good “potential” for a unique photo, he’ll take a mental note and take the picture later on his own time, usually on a lunch break.

“It’s not all the time, just when the moment strikes,” he said.

On Friday, such a moment occurred.

Fisher snapped a photo of the Boston skyline, framed from under the Longfellow Bridge. The 33-year-old, who’s been working in the bridge painting trade for 12 years, said he doesn’t necessarily consider photography a hobby.

“But if I see something, I do get excited to take the best possible photograph I can,” he said.   

Watch: The Longfellow Bridge reopens:


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