Shark research season is underway, and there are already some toothy visitors off Cape Cod

“Welcome back!”

Cape Cod’s toothy visitors are beginning to arrive for the season.

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy announced the start of shark research season on Thursday. And while the scientists didn’t spot any of the ocean predators from their boat, three white sharks were detected by buoy receivers along the Cape’s coast.

According to Sharktivity, the conservancy’s free app that provides information on white shark sightings and movements, ‘Omar’ was detected on June 7 and 12 off the coast of Chatham, and ‘Turbo’ was detected on June 9 near Wellfleet.

The presence of a third shark, Sandy, was also picked up, according to the researchers.


“Welcome back!” the scientists said, sharing photos of Turbo and Omar.

The waters off Cape Cod are a preferred feeding ground for white sharks, which have been drawn closer to the shore by a rebounding seal population.

For human visitors to Cape beaches, the conservancy’s top shark safety tip is to avoid swimming near seals. The conservancy also advises swimming close to the shore where your feet can touch the bottom, refraining from wearing shiny jewelry in the water, and avoiding swimming alone at dawn or dusk.